Mohammed Abdelwahab Senior Associate

Mohammed is qualified and result-oriented professional with over 20 years of experience in the field of law. Held positions requiring effective discharge of responsibilities and duties in the field of Advocacy and Legal Consultancy.

Mohammed has advised on different areas of law inside and outside Oman. He graduated fromFaculty of Law, Khartoum University Republic of Sudan in 2001. Mohammed has worked as an attorney with various renowned companies, law firms and Ministry of Justice, Republic of Sudan.

He has also worked as a Public Prosecutor in all fields of criminal departments including general and specialized divisions like consumer protection, patents, and intellectual property. While working as a Public Prosecutor, he has supervised a number of prosecutors and employees. Mohammed has also rendered services as a legal adviser for several quasi-judicial committees established by the Ministry of Justice, Republic of Sudan.

Mohammed has been practicing law in Oman since 2012 and worked for several companies and legal firms including Oman Oil Marketing company and Al Zubair company.