UAE Bankruptcy Law   From  29 Mar 2022   To  29 Mar 2022    

We discussed The UAE #Bankruptcy Law during The Oath GC Talk Seminar The session featured a panel discussion led by speakers Hana Al Khatib, Hassan Al Shaqsi and Antoine Abi Rached.

The panelists presented three main topics:

  • The procedures for filing for Bankruptcy before the onshore courts.
  • Effective engagement with the court and appointed trustees.
  • Role of trustees in Bankruptcy procedures based on practical experience.
  • Procedures of sale of company’s assets.
  • Liability of directors for a company’s debt.
  • The interplay between the onshore and free zone insolvency regimes.

The speakers discussed the recent amendments of the bankruptcy law on the liability of directors of a bankrupt company based on recent court judgments

The interactive session between the audience and the speakers involved practical insight on how the Courts and trustees deal with bankruptcy cases, based on the experience of the speakers in working on some of the most high-profile bankruptcies in the UAE.

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